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Stafford, Virginia

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NNN Pro Group is pleased to present the exclusive listing for an EquipmentShare located at 40 Venture Dr. Stafford, VA 22554. The site consists of roughly 7,700 rentable square feet of building space on estimated 3.54-acre parcel of land. This EquipmentShare is subject to a 15-year absolute triple-net (NNN) lease, which commenced October 1st, 2021. The current annual rent is $332,910 and is scheduled to increase by 1.7% every year commencing on year 6 throughout the base term and in each of the 2, 5-year renewal options.

✓ Long-Term, New 15-Year Absolute Triple Net (NNN) Lease
✓ Approximately 13.3 Years Remaining
✓ 1.7% Rental Increases Annually Commencing on Year 6
✓ Two (2), Five (5)-Year Tenant Renewal Options, Bringing the Potential Lease Term to 25 Years

Key Details

Cap Rate:
Annual Rent:
40 Venture Drive, Stafford, Virginia 22554
Property Type:
Lease Type:
Triple Net (NNN)

Original Lease Term:
15 Years
Lease Commencement:
October 1, 2021
Lease Expiration:
September 30, 2036
Lease Term Remaining:
13 Years
Rental Increases:
1.7% Annually, Commencing Year 6
Lot Size:
3.54 Acres
Building Size:
7,700 SF
Year Built:

Talk to the pros

Glen Kunofsky

License: 49KU1129178

Francis Boie

License: 10401370019

Mark Masino

License: 10401324426

Madison O’Connor

License: 10401324427

Broker of record

Brian Brockman

Bang Realty, Inc

License: 225245999

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